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12 Week Old AKC German Shepherd Puppies
12 Week Old AKC German Shepherd Puppies.  Shots given at 6, 9, and 12 weeks... will only require one more shot at 15 weeks... then yearly booster shots... per AKC recommendations. Dewormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks. 1 black and tan boy, 2 sable boys, and 1 sable girl still available. Sire: Leo (King Leonardo Bocephus Cooldog) -  Pedigree Dam: Lexi (Queen Alexis Michelle Cooldog) - Pedigree UPDATE: All of our puppies from this litter have now found their new forever homes. We are expecting another litter from Leo and RayNay (Raven Renee Cooldog) the last week of May, 2021. They'll be ready for their new forever homes by the last week of July, 2021. Please message us if you're interested in a puppy
Vaccinating Your Puppy
Just like people, dogs are constantly exposed to, and threatened by, viruses, bacteria, fungi, foreign proteins, diseases, and more... and, just like your immune system, your dog's immune system is the natural defense against all these threats. A healthy immune system has two components, (1)discrimination, which distinguishes your pet’s own normal organisms from dangerous invaders, and (2)recognition, which detects foreign organisms through the lymph nodes.  Once a foreign body is recognized a natural reactions begins, warding off the threat. This takes time, however, and first-time invaders sometimes produce illness. Severity depends on exposure and seriousness of the foreign agent. If firs
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